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The Serious Source for Safety: Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) for Safety, Medical and Food Service

General Protection

From dirty chores to agricultural spraying to cutting and welding, Daniel can match your application with a complete offering of general protection garments in a wide range of proven fabrics.


Coveralls, Lab Coats, Shirts, Pants & Accessories

DanGuard is a general-purpose protective material that can be used in non-hazardous applications and environments. The DanGuard fabric is manufactured with FS technology, which is comprised of a microporous film and polypropylene.

Applications: Asbestos Abatement • Light Chemical Splash • Paint Spraying • Pesticide Spraying • Fiberglass and Boat Manufacturing • Laboratories



We created a new level of protection with the DanGuardPlus line of protective apparel. The innovative material has a three-layer fabric SFS construction.

Applications: Emergency Medical Response • Methamphetamine Lab Clean Up • Animal Testing and Research • Fiberglass Manufacturing • Forensics • Tank Cleaning



DanGuardComfort offers the general-purpose protection and durability of our DanGuard line along with a breathable polypropylene back panel for added comfort.

Applications: Asbestos Abatement • Paint Spraying • Pesticide Spraying • Fiberglass Boat Manufacturing • Laboratories


Shoe Covers, Boot Covers, Sleeves & Aprons

DanSafe is a spunbond polypropylene with a polyethylene coating that provides excellent fluid protection. DanSafe offers durability and is lightweight, soft and low linting.

Applications: Paint Spray • Pesticide Spray • Mold and Asbestos Abatement • General Maintenance


Coveralls, Shoe Covers, Boot Covers, Sleeves & Aprons

DanKleen is a unique trilaminate that is comprised of layers of spunbond polypropylene, meltblown polypropylene, and spunbond polypropylene compressed together to create a unique fabric.

Applications: Medical • Food Processing • JanSan • General Maintenance


Shoe & Boot Covers

SkidGuard is a unique PE Coated Fabric with superior skid resistance. Excellent for most non-hazardous applications such as clean rooms and pharmaceutical users.


Coveralls, Lab Coats & Shoe Covers

Polypropylene is a breathable protective wear for non-hazardous workplaces. Its porous construction offers breathability that makes the user cool and comfortable while offering economical protection from dirt and grime.

Food Handling

Bouffants, Hairnets, Beard Covers, Aprons, Gowns, Sleeves & Boot Covers

Our food handling products are made from disposable plastic that are great for working in cafeterias or general food handling facilities.

Applications: Food Processing • Food Preparation & Cafeterias • Food Handling

Tyvech 400

Coveralls, Lab Coats, Pants,Sshirts, Aprons, Shoe Covers, Boot Covers, Sleeves & Hoods

Tyvek 400 is a one-of-a-kind inherent barrier, providing superior protection from challenging dry particles and light liquid splash. Yet the breathability adds worker comfort, by allowing air and moisture vapor to pass through.

Mid-Range Chemical Protection

When the protection level moves up a notch, count on Daniel to deliver the options you need in fabric, seam type, and garment design. A complete offering of six chemically protective fabrics mean you can source the perfect material for your application and budget.



ChemGuard is a unique, cost-effective nonwoven fabric designed to be used in many industrial and chemical cleanup applications. The proprietary PE barrier film coated onto a continuous PP filament nonwoven provides excellent protection against pesticides, inorganic acids, alkalies, bases, and moisture.

Applications: Industrial Cleanup • Chemical Cleanup

Tychem 2000

Serged Seam Coveralls, Shirts, Pants, Bound Seam Coveralls, Sleeves, Aprons, and Sealed Seam Coveralls

Tychem 2000 polyethylenecoated garments provide excellent lightweight splash protection from many inorganic acids and other liquid chemicals with it’s combination of Tyvek fabric and 1.25mil polyethylene coating.

Applications: Industrial Plant Operations • Chemical Cleanup

Tychem 4000

Bound Seam Coveralls, Sealed Seam Coveralls, Hoods, Boot Covers & Aprons

Tychem 4000 is the lightweight fabric that provides effective and economical protection against a broad range of chemicals. It’s a laminate of Tyvek spun bonded olefin by DuPont and Saranex 23-P film from Dow Chemical.

Applications: Chemical mixing • Hazardous Remediation • Nuclear Environments

Tychem 6000

Sealed Seam Coveralls

Tychem 6000 provides a tough and safe barrier to all known chemical warfare agents in liquid, gas or aerosol formats and represents the first simple, economic and disposable material for individual protection suits

Applications: Emergency Medical Services • Military Personnel • Law Enforcement

Tychem 9000

Taped Seam Coveralls, Fully Encapsulating Suits, Boot Covers & Aprons

Yellow for high visibility, the Tychem 9000 line offers tear, puncture, and abrasion resistance garmets that are soft and lightweight, allowing workers to move with ease.

Applications: Hazardous Material Cleanup

Tychem 10000

NFPA 1991, Sealed Seam Coveralls & Sealed Seam Fully Encapsulting Suits

Tychem 10000 has excellent chemical barrier properties and high strength for enhanced durability. Developed for protection against toxic, corrosive gases and liquid chemicals, this high-performance chemical barrier fabric is suited for industrial, HAZMAT, and domestic preparedness applications


Applications: Hazardous Material Cleanup • Domestic Prepardness Applications

Flame Resistant

Fire-resistant workwear designed to protect your primary FR clothing.



FlashGuard is a lightweight, non-woven, single-use coverall designed to be worn in applications where the risk of sparks are possible. It’s intent is to minimize damage to the user’s primary FR clothing from dirt and grime while having a fire retardant, water resistant outer shell.

Applications: Welding & Grinding • Tank Cleaning • Oil Refining • Utilities • Manufacturing

Wipes & Rags

Responsibly-sourced reclaimed rags are a green and economical solution for cleaning, staining, painting, and more.

Reclaimed Rags


Classic cotton rags for everyday use. Available in white, gray, or mixed colors.

Applications: Absorbing Water & Oil-based Fluids
General Cleaning